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It’s All About the Neutrals: Softer and Warmer Tones for Spring 2015

justin brotton - Wednesday, April 01, 2015

By Judy Brotton


With spring roaring in like a lion on the heels of record-breaking snowstorms, we may all feel like emerging from our wintery dens and heading to the mall for some wardrobe replenishment therapy. We have paired with Macy’s to bring you the latest trends for Spring 2015.

”macysGet on Neutral Ground

This year’s neutral palette is expressed through colors like tan, olive, steel blue, gray, black and white. Look for key details like military styling, colorblocking microprints, textured surfaces and tonal graphics to create a foundation for this trend.

For women, think of the soft, opalescent colors of daybreak to define the season’s modern minimalist style. Texture comes in the form of pleating, origami and quilting; look for jeweled embellishments and poetic florals done in elegant shades of soft gray, peach, pink and mint. Earth tones combine with folkloric brights highlighted in Spanish-inspired embroidery on blouses and maxi dresses – looks reminiscent of the colorful works of Georgia O’Keefe and Frida Kahlo. Update the safari look with mixed mixed tribal patterns, batik and animal-inspired prints, with the addition of rough edges and crochet, plus the use of rustic materials.

For men, the focus shifts to earth tones in shades of cream, beige, sand and wheat as the base. Add dimension and breadth with dusty cocoa hues, while yellow and gold accents really punch up khaki. By working light gray into the mix, this color trend will stay modern and current. To avoid falling flat, incorporated textured finishes into the look – linen, slub cotton and brushed suede.

The 2015 Spring season takes inspiration from the sun-kissed lifestyle of Palm Beach for menswear. The trend is based on a color palette anchored by milky hues of mint green, sky blue, pale yellow, shaded lavender and even cotton candy pink. The emphasis is on crisp and polished – lightweight sweaters, patterned wovens, slim-fit knits, relaxed shorts, tailored sport coats, flat-front trousers and loafers.

It’s Black & White

Artistic elements come into play from oversized Hawaiian flower prints to the abstract – look for graphic illustrations, photography treatments and hand-drawn prints.

Here Comes the Sun

We’re still all about the “athleisure” trend, so punch up your wardrobe with bold tangerine, coral and nude, along with yellow in all its golden shades. Look for a touch of shine and a collage of mixed prints.

The Briny

Just like the ocean, this year’s blues and greens are intensified with iridescence and shimmer. Look for wave prints and fluorescent shades; a contemporary surf vibe is played up with the use of neoprene and mesh details. Jewelry plays up the gold, and includes shells, turquoise, coral and anything reminiscent of the high seas.


justin brotton - Sunday, February 01, 2015

By Judy Brotton

Every year since 1990, the fine folks at the Pantone Color Institute, the global color authority headquartered in Carlstadt, New Jersey, have combed the world and drawn inspiration from various industries – including fashion, home décor, cosmetics, entertainment, sports, even technology – to determine their Color of the Year. For 2015, they have named that winner as Marsala, a wine red much like the fortified Sicilian wine for which it is named.

For the past six years, the winning color of the year has been bright and vibrant, with a hopeful vibe: colors like Radiant Orchid, Emerald, Tangerine Tango, Honeysuckle, Turquoise and Mimosa. The more subdued Marsala, on the other hand, is a “wine-influenced, red-kissed color” that exudes stability and confidence according to Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of PCI. She adds that the “subtly seductive shade draws us into its enriching warmth … and enriches our mind, body and soul.”

If you’re wondering why we even need a color of the year, many industries use Pantone’s services to determine which colors to feature on their products and what consumers will be using, wearing and buying for the upcoming year. By creating a standardized color matching process using the Pantone numbering system to identify hues, manufacturers from different industries can match items without having to be in direct communication. Fashion designers have already incorporated Marsala into their spring and fall collections, and you have probably already seen entertainers on the red carpet draped in Marsala, and they require matching or coordinating shoes, handbags, nail polish and even lipstick.

Eiseman recommends that the color can be mixed with what you already own. By adding just a touch here and there, you can highlight your wardrobe (or home décor) without investing too heavily.

For the third year now, Pantone Universe and Sephora have teamed up to create a makeup color palette using Marsala as a bold pop of neutral for lips, cheeks, nails and even eyes – this unexpected color will appear as bold eye shadow, and as a change-up from black eyeliner and mascara. Wine highlights in hair have been popular for a while, and will remain so.

According to Georgi Morales Pipkin, media relations manager of Macy’s Southwest and South Central regions, Macy’s will feature all shades of Marsala in their spring and fall color palettes, including ready-to-wear for both men and women; jewelry and accessories; beautiful Bordeaux handbags and leather goods; in housewares look for accent towels, tableware (white dishes accented with a deep red rim) and appliances like coffee makers, mixers and toasters.

Home décor will incorporate the rich Marsala color into accent pieces, accessories and paint, and makes an ideal choice for textured surfaces like rugs and upholstered furniture to bring warmth into the home. Red hues have long been thought to stimulate the appetite and senses, so Marsala makes a good choice for the dining room. Add lots of white and natural light to keep it crisp and bright. A neutral bathroom can be enhanced with a set of Marsala towels and small accessories. A deep shade of red would make a beautiful bedroom accent wall, or if you’re not willing to commit to so much Marsala, simply add a bedspread in a wine floral pattern, or deep red accent pillows and throws. When using Marsala for an accent wall, paint the woodwork and trim a crisp white.

Pipkin says spring fashions will feature global themes like Mexican embroidered florals, tribal prints and art-inspired painterly abstract prints. For fall, look for lace, brocade or knitted pieces, as well as leather and suede (think soft leather gloves, a short suede moto jacket, stiletto heels or knee-high boots) in rich, dark shades to rival neutrals like black, gray and navy.

If you’re wondering whether or not you can wear the color Marsala, the answer is that the color is flattering against many skin tones and appeals to both men and women. This color works well as an accent with gray, off-white and nude, and may become a staple in your wardrobe. Look for a matte finish to highlight Marsala’s organic nature, while a glossy finish conveys glamour and luxury.

Pipkin advises that Marsala looks very refined when used in tonalities – pales to darks – and can be combined with metallic or iridescent yarns. The full-bodied quality of the color makes an elegant statement when used on its own, accessorized by silver, gold, and especially the currently popular rose gold jewelry.

To add Marsala to your wardrobe, try wearing a deep red shirt under your black suit jacket; or trade your black heels for a pair of wine leather stilettos to wear with your little black dress. Don’t forget to polish your nails in deep red, and wear the same shade of lipstick. Top your favorite skinny jeans with a chunky knit sweater in a deep red marled yarn; or wear a beautiful wine cashmere sweater with a pair of winter white trousers. Instead of black boots, pull on a pair of dark red knee-high boots or wear a red belt. Swap your black leggings for a pair in deep red, and top with a long gray or nude sweater. If you’re not wholeheartedly convinced, try a maroon and white buffalo check scarf wrapped around your neck.

Men can look for shirts with a pattern of red stripes, or deep red ties with white stripes or dots. Deep red leather boots/shoes and belts add a new dimension to khakis, jeans or dark pants.

Whether or not you embrace Marsala hinges on whether you’re a lover or hater of the color. Lovers compare the color with wine and pomegranate seeds, while comments from haters range from “ick” and “yuck” to more specific comparisons to rust, dried blood and liver. As for me … I am a definite lover of the color Marsala, so expect to see me wearing it often! 


justin brotton - Monday, September 01, 2014

By Heather Rouba

The fall season is upon us, and it’s time to break out the layers, luscious colors and warmer fabrics. There are so many fun fashion trends this year, many of which promise to stick around for years to come. There is justification for investing in some key pieces as we jump into cooler weather. Here are a few of our favorites for this coming autumn:


Let your cobalt flag fly! Blue hues definitely dominate the trends this season, starting from indigo, through navy blue to ocean blue. It would seem that designers sang the blues when it came to this fall’s palette – they must be fans of the OKC Thunder! For a modern take on the color trend, wear your favorite shade from top to bottom, or mix several and go the color-block route.


Save a place in your heart and closet for plaid. There's a reason we've saved all of our old flannels that we "borrowed" from our guys over the years. Plaid shirts are basically perfect – they’re comfortable, but perhaps more usefully, they go with literally everything. The perennial checkered trend isn't going anywhere this year, but we don't mind.


This favorite fierce animal pattern comes in a variety of colors and interpretations this season. One thing is for sure: adding a touch of this pattern is always a win-win. Much like plaid, this trend has been spotted everywhere this season. What's interesting about this year’s take is the ultra-feminine spin on it. Ladylike silhouettes breathe life into the fall trend.


Orange is the new black! In addition to blue, orange is another hot color for the season, which will make our OSU fans very happy. The fiery hue has been spotted all over, making its way from the season's “it” lip color to clothes, bags and shoes. But before you say "not for me," know that there are different options for every skin tone - from bold brights to subdued hues.

Wrap coat

It can get a little breezy in Oklahoma during the fall, so your coat game must be on point! Wrap coats are a must for this season, so get stylish and practical all in one. Throw an oversized wrap coat over a multitude of layers, or go the streamlined route by teaming it with slim-cut trousers and a turtleneck. For a more polished look, either self-belt the coat or choose a contrasting leather belt to finish off your look.


Black-and-white combinations may always rise to the top of trend charts, but we have our eyes on the hue that comes in-between them. Restrained and subdued, consider grey your wardrobe's palette cleanser this season. When black and white feel overdone, try the hue that's a happy medium.


Modesty is back! The midi-skirt is longer, hitting below the knee but just shorter than a maxi. This versatile piece gives an ultra-ladylike allure to any outfit and is a must-have wardrobe staple. This season’s midi comes in all different shapes and styles, proving that a longer silhouette doesn’t have to weigh you down.


The cool swagger of the biker jacket has been usurped by its softer cousin, shearling. Nothing protects you from a relentless polar vortex quite like shearling. Presented on vests, bomber jackets, moto jackets, collars, and even booties, shearling has proved to be the most essential of cold-weather necessities this season.

Matching Sets

It used to be that wearing a "full look" meant that you lacked imagination. Now, a complete set seems to be the outfit du jour, which certainly makes getting dressed in the morning easier. Try your hand at tops and bottoms that are made for each other and shave a few minutes off your morning routine.

Make dressing this season easy by incorporating some of these new and updated trends. From midi-skirts to wrap coats, plaid and everything in-between, there is something for everyone. Many of these trends may prove to be classics, so plan to include some of these fashions into your 2014 fall wardrobe.

Grade School Fashion

justin brotton - Friday, August 01, 2014

By Heather Rouba


Back-to-school days are just around the corner. The hustle and bustle of school shopping is underway, and moms everywhere are stressing to help their children decide on that perfect outfit for the first day of school. As we mature, we find ourselves abandoning the latest trends and holding strong to the unchangeable classics. However, these cute little school kids need to be kept current and stylish! After all, chances are they are only wearing their wardrobes for one season, so why not go for the trendiest of trends? Here are some of the latest styles for school-aged kids.


Floral is now present in all seasons. Often, the flowers are mixed with animal prints, leaves, fruits and other patterns.
Pants, dresses, shorts, blazers, leggings, skirts, cardigans, T-shirts, shirts, vests and items such as handbags, shoes and caps now showcase various sizes and colors of flowers, all aiming to give life to the combinations. Head to toe floral is the way to go!


It isn’t always easy to find striped pieces. Look for black and white or navy stripes, and pair them with a mix of patterns. There’s no rule on how to wear stripes, which makes wearing this trend easy.


Faux fur pieces, vests in particular, have never been so pretty or cool. You can pick ones that are shaggy or sleek, nipped-in or swingy, depending on the mood you're going for. Faux fur coats are also a must this season.


Jeans are everywhere this season and this trend doesn’t go out of fashion. Denim is a very versatile fabric that matches everything, and is used on everything from dresses, collars, jumpers, skirts, tops and more.


Instead of vibrant colors, this year brings tones from the ‘50s and ‘60s. The post-war decade led women to embrace their femininity, and little people are becoming more romantic in their color selection. Look for cotton candy pinks, and blues and yellows that are more subdued.


Sneakers this season go with everything! This trend is sure to make children happy, as comfort and freedom are key at the playground. Dresses, skirts, pants for girls, button-up shirts and blazers for boys: anything goes with this trend! The high-top sneaker is also a big hit for school-aged kids.


Suspenders were created more than 200 years ago in order to replace the belt. The truth is that they’re back, not to replace something, but to give a touch of style for the kids.
There are several materials used to make suspenders, but the most used and recommended for our little ones is elastic, which brings flexibility and comfort. Boys can add a bowtie to this trend for added chic.


Overalls are a big trend for fall, found in all the top brand collections. They are very versatile and can be sporty and basic or more elegant and sophisticated, depending on the fabric and accessories. Overalls can come in the form of the traditional denim, or can be more of a jumpsuit in knits or cotton fabrics.


This ‘80s/’90s trend is back this year in children’s wear. It is perfect for winter, but it’s also easily used in mid-season, and comes in lighter options such as shorts, overalls and vests.


Like the stripes, polka dots have become a classic regardless of the season. One of the major origins for this trend is Walt Disney’s famous Minnie Mouse. Mini or large polka dots are a print that goes well with everything. From basic to sophisticated, it offers a great deal of versatility.


Mixing prints is a huge trend with children’s clothing. Many brands are investing more in prints like animal patterns, florals and geometric prints. There is no rule or formula to the mixing of prints – sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Try out this trend with a trial and error approach.


Fringe is found on boots, sandals, moccasins and flats this year. They are casual and can be worn with a variety of styles. There are options that will go with cold or hot weather, which can be worn year-round.


Typically linked to water sports, this trend has come out of the water to appear in fashion clothing. This technological fabric now has more sophisticated options, which are great for evening events. The best part is the fabric is made of rubber, so it injects immediate freshness in festive looks and re-draws the lines of the body to make sure everything is in the right place.


Removable collars are trending in children’s fashion right now. They give a special touch for a look that completes the ensemble – the kind of accessory that makes all the difference. Collars are often attached to a dress or blouse as well. These collars can be of different styles, from the plain and simplest to those embroidered with rhinestones, lace, feathers, etc.


This famous tutu’s fabric is booming, and it’s no longer used only for ballet clothes, lining and costumes. Tulle is not only for skirts, but is also used in leggings, blouses and dresses. The fabric comes in a variety of colors and often has patterns or embroidered motifs. To create a modern look, try mixing the tulle, which is a more feminine fabric, with a heavier piece like a leather jacket or wool sweater.


The tartan plaid is a strong trend again this year. Tartan is a checkerboard pattern of prints, composed of different lines and colors. This casual fabric can be incorporated in many ways, primarily with button-down shirts.

When shopping for this school year, make sure to invest in pieces that will last the longest. Carolyn Goldman, owner of Uptown Kids, says, “A few pieces in solids are perfect for mixing and matching with patterned items. Layering of items is much easier when you have a solid to help break up the patterns.” Also, keep in mind that these little ones are constantly growing. Carolyn recommends buying a size up for staple items that can work for both spring and fall. Use these trend ideas to prepare your school-aged children for their next year of education. Back to school in style is the only way to go!

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