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Should I Repair or Replace My Fence?

justin brotton - Friday, March 10, 2017

by Margo Waldrop

Like their owners, fences weather and age over time. And while we don’t have to stay outside 24/7, our fences do. Therefore, they are subject to rain, snow, wind, sun and soil shifts. If you are trying to decide whether to repair or replace your fence take the following factors into consideration:

  • How old is your fence? If your fence is over five years old, you should do a quick inspection every six months or so. Tug on the panels and posts to see how well they hold up. Do they lean or shift?
  • Are any boards warping or splintering? If so, mark these boards with a red sharpie to note their need for repair.
  • Are the bottom of your fence panels beginning to rot from insects or moisture? A little deterioration is acceptable; a lot of deterioration is not.
  • Are your panels pulling away from the posts? As wood begins to deteriorate, the nails loosen within the board or post causing the panel to lean and eventually fall.
  • Are the posts beginning to rot or loosen within the ground? This is a good indication your posts may need to be replaced or reset. If the post is salvageable, then you can reset it, but it needs to be in excellent condition. If it shows any splintering, then just replace it. You might also consider a steel post option instead of traditional wood.

In evaluating your fence, take a good look at the structure as, a whole. If more than 25% of the fence needs to be repaired, then it’s a good idea to go for an entire replacement. Fences do have lifespans, and if your fence is quite old, it might be it’s time to go.

If the posts are healthy and still have solid footing, then you can just replace the panels. This is a less expensive option. But remember, the posts are the supports for your fence, so if they are deteriorating, you can bet the panels are too. Time to replace instead of repair. If you determine your fence only has a few weak spots, then call in a reputable fence company to make the repairs and further the life expectancy of your fence.

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The Advantages of Having an Outdoor Fireplace

justin brotton - Friday, March 10, 2017

by Margo Waldrop

Who doesn’t love to cozy up in front of a fireplace with a good book and hot cup of coffee? Why not create that atmosphere outside with an outdoor fireplace? Believe it or not, they are less expensive than you would think, and any additions that contribute to an outdoor living space can be used to add value to your home.

Outdoor entertaining has become an important part of homeownership with people outfitting their back patios with large screen televisions for game viewing, outdoor furniture, grilling stations, refrigerators, wine coolers, and the list goes on and on. Building an outdoor fireplace is a surefire way to increase the usefulness of your outdoor living space and become the focal point of your well planned entertainment area.

Many homeowners question if their outdoor fireplace should be gas or wood burning. Since most newer homes have gas indoor fireplaces, why not opt for the traditional wood burning for your back patio? With this type of fireplace there is no need to disrupt your patio slab to install a gas line, and there are less available hazards when no gas line is involved.

The joy of the outdoor fireplace is the nostalgia and coziness it gives to your home. Roasting marshmallows in the crisp fall air, making s’mores or just curling up in a comfy wicker chair with a good throw are all memories that an outdoor fireplace can provide for your family. And with the added monetary benefit, an outdoor fireplace is well worth the investment.

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Wood Posts or Steel Posts – Which Option is Better for Your Fence?

justin brotton - Friday, March 10, 2017

by Margo Waldrop

Weather, soil and time all take a toll on our fences, with most wood fencing having to be replaced several times during the lifetime of a house. With this in mind, a lot of homeowners’ question whether steel or wood posts are the better choice.

Wood posts do a better job of blending with the fence panel and provide a nicer, more cohesive look. They are more traditional and are able to withstand fairly severe weather. However, they can rot or breakdown as time marches on. As with any wood, sitting water can eat away at the post bottom and cause it to easily bend or break. You will also need to be aware of the acidity of your soil, because this can also erode the bottom of the post. As most wood posts have to be replaced at some point, you can bet that the fence panel is right on par with a replacement as well, since thinner wood planks wear faster.

Steel posts are actually more durable, and the chances of having to replace them every few years (like wood posts) are slim. These type posts are extremely resistant to standing water, and repeated rain. They also help the fence panel itself to stand up straighter, thus allowing you to get a longer lasting life from the panel. Metal posts cost a little more than their wood counterpart, but fortunately, their value return reaches much further.

Fencing is a worthwhile investment for your home, but it is not cheap. Labor makes up most of the cost of a fence, as well as the expense of good, quality materials. So with any home improvement, make sure you do your homework beforehand, and research a reputable fence company to get the most bang for your buck.

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What Season is Best for Installing a Swimming Pool?

justin brotton - Friday, March 10, 2017

by Margo Waldrop

Have you always dreamed of owning your own swimming pool? Available financing options can easily make this a reality for many homeowners and also an added investment to their home. But the big question is: What season is best for installing your pool? Take a look at these pros and cons for each season to help you decide.


Beautiful spring weather brings a high demand for pool contractors. Prices are at a fairly steady peek during this time of year, reducing any savings you might have anticipated. And since this is typically the rainiest season of all, the installation process can be quite irregular. If your pool is delayed, then you may have to look at a big hole in the ground into early summer. A bummer for you and your family.


I would avoid summer pool installation like the plague. Prices are at their highest, and not only is your yard out of commission for any summertime play, but staring at your half-built pool while others are swimming in theirs can be discouraging. At this point, you might as well plan ahead, and contract for your pool to be built later in the year. It will save you money and headaches as well.


Usually in the fall, business is slowing down for pool companies and they will slowly start to lower their prices. Autumn weather is more agreeable than other seasons, leaving the ground soft enough for easy digging. It’s also a great time to spruce up your landscaping by planting flower bulbs and re-seeding damaged grass from the installation process.


As the winter chill creeps in, swimming pool prices dip to their lowest of the year. This can add up to considerable savings, however, winter weather can present a host of problems. Snow and ice keep the ground hard and difficult for digging, and can also disrupt the installation schedule causing your install time to increase. However, a November/December install gives you plenty of time to re-grow grass and other landscaping that was damaged in the process.

While there is no easy answer for the best season for pool installation, one thing is for certain; swimming pools are well worth the time and investment. Many childhood memories are created from splashing around with friends and family, and who doesn’t love a good game of water Marco Polo?

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