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Should I Repair or Replace My Fence?

justin brotton - Thursday, November 17, 2016

Like their owners, fences weather and age over time. And while we don’t have to stay outside 24/7, our fences do. Therefore, they are subject to rain, snow, wind, sun and soil shifts. If you are trying to decide whether to repair or replace your fence take the following factors into consideration:

  • How old is your fence? If your fence is over five years old, you should do a quick inspection every six months or so. Tug on the panels and posts to see how well they hold up. Do they lean or shift?
  • Are any boards warping or splintering? If so, mark these boards with a red sharpie to note their need for repair.
  • Are the bottom of your fence panels beginning to rot from insects or moisture? A little deterioration is acceptable; a lot of deterioration is not.
  • Are your panels pulling away from the posts? As wood begins to deteriorate, the nails loosen within the board or post causing the panel to lean and eventually fall.
  • Are the posts beginning to rot or loosen within the ground? This is a good indication your posts may need to be replaced or reset. If the post is salvageable, then you can reset it, but it needs to be in excellent condition. If it shows any splintering, then just replace it. You might also consider a steel post option instead of traditional wood.

In evaluating your fence, take a good look at the structure as, a whole. If more than 25% of the fence needs to be repaired, then it’s a good idea to go for an entire replacement. Fences do have lifespans, and if your fence is quite old, it might be it’s time to go.

If the posts are healthy and still have solid footing, then you can just replace the panels. This is a less expensive option. But remember, the posts are the supports for your fence, so if they are deteriorating, you can bet the panels are too. Time to replace instead of repair. If you determine your fence only has a few weak spots, then call in a reputable fence company to make the repairs and further the life expectancy of your fence.

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Can A Weather Radio Save Your Life?

justin brotton - Wednesday, November 16, 2016

There is nothing more important than staying informed during a severe weather situation. But what happens when your electricity goes out? Or you must take sanctuary in your storm shelter? This is when a weather radio becomes a ‘must have’ tool. It provides a critical link to the outside world, and keeps you up to date on possible dangerous situations.

But what exactly is a weather radio and how does it differ from a normal radio?

A true weather radio is serviced by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and issues updates on current or upcoming weather events and other emergencies. Alerts such as natural disasters, earthquakes, hurricanes and other public service emergencies are a comprehensive part of the NWR alert system. In conjunction with the Federal Communication Commission's (FCC) Emergency Alert System, NWR is an "all hazards" radio network, allowing it to be a comprehensive source for weather and emergency information.

Weather radios can’t be picked up on normal AM/FM transmissions because they operate on their own set of VHF frequencies. Certain weather radios have a Specific Alert Message Encoding (SAME) that will break through normal radio broadcasts to issue an alarm. Special features also allow you to specify your location for more accurate broadcasts. Weather ‘alert’ radios have the ability to remain silent until a programmed alert is issued.

While most weather radios can be powered by electricity, they do have a backup battery system. Therefore, batteries should always be in your emergency kit. Another popular feature, is the hand-crank generator. This allows the radio to stay powered in case of electrical or battery failure.

While radios may seem old fashioned, a true weather radio is a critical tool for possible emergencies. Inexpensive, small and portable, a weather radio can be your best friend. And yes, it can save your life!


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7 Stylish Ways to Spruce Up Your Back Patio

justin brotton - Thursday, November 10, 2016

Back patios are the new ‘must have’ living space and well worth the investment. Try these 7 stylish ways to spruce up your back patio and create an amazing outdoor living area for your family:


  • Add a deck! Building a deck onto your patio can more than triple your space to make a fabulous and functional outdoor living room. Decks are also great to level out a sloping yard.
  • Who said you can’t decorate the outdoors? Find some cozy furniture (Lowe’s has great outdoor sets!), a colorful rug, throw in some comfy pillows and you have an official outdoor living room. More space equals more fun and value for your home!
  • There is nothing like the soothing sound of running water. Add a water feature to your back patio and up your relaxation factor. With a little Pinterest help, you can even make your own DIY fountain out of a ceramic pot.
  • Need a little privacy? Have your very own pergola built to fancy up your patio. Pergolas not only add private space, but also help create a functional living area. Throw in an outdoor ceiling fan and some twinkle lights and you will never want to go inside.
  • Build a patio bar! Outdoor living rooms are made for entertaining and what better way to amp up the fun than with a wooden bar complete with wine cooler and glass rack.
  • Who doesn’t love a porch swing? This isn’t your grandma’s swing - modern swings are padded with thick cushions and even drink holders. So, relax and swing away!
  • Pave a path to your patio with brick or tile pavers. Pavers add charm and definition to an outdoor space and create a dry walkway during rainy season.

Your back patio isn’t just empty space; it can be transformed into an amazing living area for you and your family. So, get creative, get your HGTV on, and go to town!


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Hurricane Clips Can Help Save Your Roof

justin brotton - Thursday, November 10, 2016

Tornado force winds place a tremendous strain on a home, especially to the roof. Dangerous pressure is created by severe winds pressing on outer walls, and pushing upward against the roof overhang. The combination of these forces can break already weak connections and cause the roof to lift clear of the structure. Wind forces against a roof are uplift forces, which is why almost every weather.com tornado video features roofs blowing up and off homes.

"The roof lifts off and the walls are left without any lateral stability or bracing. They tend to collapse outwards, and the house looks as if it's exploding," said Ernst Kiesling, professor of civil engineering at Texas Tech University, “So if you can keep that roof on, you have more resistance against the wind.”

An inexpensive, but effective way to help protect your home during a tornado, is through ‘hurricane clips’. Hurricane clips are galvanized-steel clips that connect trusses or rafters to the top plate of the roof. This greatly increases the connection strength, giving greater stability to the entire home. Hurricane clips provide extra security ranging from 400 to 1500 pounds or more of high pressure protection. The type of clip your home needs depends on your tornado risk, and potential ferocity of wind strength.

In, tornado prone Oklahoma, it is vital that extra precautions are taken to protect the integrity of your home during high wind events. If you are replacing or repairing your roof, be sure to ask your contractor about the addition of hurricane clips to better prepare your home for severe weather.


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