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CUTE PETS – September 2015

justin brotton - Tuesday, September 01, 2015

cute dogsLast month, before some of the Tulsa pools closed down, they held a Dog Splash on their last day. Of course Otis, who loves to swim, had to go, to both Reed and McClure parks. For a mere $5, dogs of all shapes, sizes and hair lengths congregated in a pool peppered with brand new tennis balls – a doggie dream come true! Some dog parents swam alongside their canine pals, and each dog owner was given a swag bag (filled with dog treats, another tennis ball, Frisbee and coupons). Toward the end of the session, Otis won a free pass to a doggie day care session. All in all, a fantastic day that left Otis wiped out for the next two days! Otis recommends all dog owners to mark their calendars for 2016 … see you there!

CUTE PETS – June 2015

justin brotton - Monday, June 01, 2015

Hopefully everyone with indoor pets has been able to take advantage of our beautiful spring weather before it turns to scorching summer temperatures. I walk my dog, Otis, around our neighborhood, and we are constantly greeted by dogs running to their fence-line, surely wishing they were walking along with us. Also along the way we come across stray cats, wandering turtles (which we return to the nearest pond), foraging rabbits and plenty of honking geese. We even have several horses down the road, two of which run to greet us (well, the mints in my pocket are very encouraging). Otis is still not very trusting of those large horses as they race toward us. Maybe he just needs a mint too!




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