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Wood Posts or Steel Posts – Which Option is Better for Your Fence?

justin brotton - Monday, October 31, 2016

Weather, soil and time all take a toll on our fences, with most wood fencing having to be replaced several times during the lifetime of a house. With this in mind, a lot of homeowners’ question whether steel or wood posts are the better choice.

Wood posts do a better job of blending with the fence panel and provide a nicer, more cohesive look. They are more traditional and are able to withstand fairly severe weather. However, they can rot or breakdown as time marches on. As with any wood, sitting water can eat away at the post bottom and cause it to easily bend or break. You will also need to be aware of the acidity of your soil, because this can also erode the bottom of the post. As most wood posts have to be replaced at some point, you can bet that the fence panel is right on par with a replacement as well, since thinner wood planks wear faster.

Steel posts are actually more durable, and the chances of having to replace them every few years (like wood posts) are slim. These type posts are extremely resistant to standing water, and repeated rain. They also help the fence panel itself to stand up straighter, thus allowing you to get a longer lasting life from the panel. Metal posts cost a little more than their wood counterpart, but fortunately, their value return reaches much further.

Fencing is a worthwhile investment for your home, but it is not cheap. Labor makes up most of the cost of a fence, as well as the expense of good, quality materials. So with any home improvement, make sure you do your homework beforehand, and research a reputable fence company to get the most bang for your buck.


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Anatomy of a Wall Cloud

justin brotton - Monday, October 31, 2016


Anyone who lives in tornado alley has heard of the dreaded “wall cloud”. We know it can accompany severe weather and even lead to devastating tornadoes, but what exactly is it? A wall cloud is a cloud that is lowered from a thunderstorm, forming when rapidly rising air causes lower pressure below the storm's main updraft. In layman’s terms – a big scary cloud.

As the storm builds, the updraft pulls in low-level air from several miles around which is then drawn into the updraft. This rain-cooled air is very humid, causing the moisture to condense below the rain-free base to form the wall cloud.

Wall clouds are part of supercell thunderstorms that produce a rotating updraft caused by wind shear. Supercells can be violent thunderstorms that involve hail, lightning and pounding rain. Not all wall clouds rotate, but if there is rotation, this is the first sign that a tornado may be in the works

Persistent wall clouds have the best chance of forming tornadoes and can exist for up to 20 minutes before a tornado actually forms. According to the National Weather Service, the diameter of a wall cloud can range from a fraction of a mile to nearly five miles.

Weather spotters stay focused on wall clouds and their rotation to determine if there needs to be a tornado warning issued. Wall clouds have the terrifying ability to “rain wrap” tornadoes in torrential rain, making them difficult to spot. Fortunately, only a small percentage of wall clouds produce tornadoes. With advanced warning from meteorologists and available safety measures, you can keep yourself safe from these beautiful but deadly displays of nature.



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Spruce Up Your Outdoors with These Ten Fall Decorating Tips

justin brotton - Monday, October 24, 2016
  • Summer has gone and fall is finally here! Time to spruce up your outdoor landscape and help nature put some colorful fun into your world. Check out these Ten Fall DécorIdeas to bring the brilliant colors of autumn to your home.

Pumpkins are the perennial favorite for fall décor and a great way to spruce up your front porch. Vary your pumpkin sizes, add a bale of hay and you’ve already brought the flavor of fall to your home.

Who could forget the rich beauty of chrysanthemums? Dynamic gold, rich wine, and yummy orange are traditional autumn colors and if properly cultivated, will bloom in vibrant intensity, year after year.

Incorporate a little Joanna Gaines into your outdoor décor by bringing the ‘farmhouse’ look to your own home. Pick up an antique ladder or wagon wheel at a local flea market, cluster pumpkins and galvanized steel tins (filled with your favorite fall flower), around it for an old fashioned feel.

Falling leaves epitomize autumn and make great decorative touches. Create a family fun day of raking leaf piles and filling apple crates with the kaleidoscope of colorful leaves.

Arbors are a beautiful outdoor accessory and make a fabulous backdrop for clinging vines and flowering fall bushes. They are also the perfect natural setting for yearly family pictures.

Now is the time to plant an apple treein your yard so your family can enjoy the delicious ripe, ruby fruit for years to come. And who doesn’t love a juicy caramel apple?

Scarecrows are a cheerful addition to any fall outdoor display and add a lot of character to a large front porch. So grab some straw and denim and have some fun with these friendly little guys.

Gourds are an inexpensive way to decorate and come in different sizes, colors, and textures. Throw in some corn husks and sunflowers and you have a budget friendly front porch display.

Your backyard deck is a great canvas for fall décor. Situate colorful potted plants and miniature light strands around your deck for an inviting outdoor living space

  1. Don’t forget Halloween! Kids love the scary fun of this colorful holiday, so hang a skeleton or two and delight the neighborhood with your Halloween spirit
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Tiers! The Perfect Solution for a Sloped Yard

justin brotton - Monday, October 17, 2016

A deeply sloping yard can definitely be a challenge. Problems such as: pooling water, difficulty mowing, and inability to use as a ‘family friendly’ space can be frustrating to homeowners. But don’t give up, there is an easy solution, tiers! Well-designed tiers not only create a beautiful yard but can also solve drainage and other issues such as lack of outdoor living area.

Layering your yard requires a well-thought out design, so you might want to get a professional’s opinion to fully understand the scope of the project. Retaining walls are the best way to break your slope into tiers. There are several types of materials that can be used for retaining walls such as: landscaping timbers, stone, cement and bricks.

Tiers also provide the perfect space for flowerbeds. Arrange taller plants in back and smaller ones in front to give a stair step, picturesque look. If you need privacy you can use an evergreen backdrop that will also add structure to your foliage design. Use your deciduous plants in the front or middle so they are easily accessed for replacement or cleanup and plant a variety so you will have flowering plants year around.

Functional and beautiful, tiers can be built in different configurations, including a combination of materials for a distinctive look. Small yards also benefit from layering, which can add visual interest to the small space. Fortunately, tiering your yard can accommodate different budgets and is only limited by your imagination. So get creative with your design, and enjoy the advantages that a tiered yard provides.


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