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When The Thunder Rolls

justin brotton - Sunday, June 11, 2017

Well it’s that time again (Spring) Tornado Season in “TornadoAlley”. Where only the best meteorologist get jobs and only the best tornado shelters and storm shelters will do. In this blog chapter I will present many reasons why you need a storm shelter or a tornado shelter and where the best place to get them. Ok first off ,the reason why you need a storm/tornado shelter in Oklahoma or some call “the middle of Tornadoalley” is because you guessed it Tornado’s. Now tornados in general pretty cool to watch you know on T.V. but very dangerous in person. They have super high winds they can get rain wrapped and then you can’t even see them they just destroy everything in their path. Some are rated high as in super deadly and some might just blow the trees around in your yard but all tornados should be taken seriously and you guessed it I know the best way to protect yourself from any tornado with a tornado shelter and the best place to get one well that’s easy from the great people at Storm Shelters Direct they have many sizes for your needs and different kinds depending on if you want it in your garage or in the back yard and cost well they are very reasonable and can you really put a price on protection nope it’s a necessity and so you got to have it. Now here is the web site to the best place for more information,  www.StormSheltersDirect.net .

Tornado helmets

justin brotton - Sunday, June 11, 2017

“Here’s the stairs and under here we have a box with our tornado supplies; water, blankets, some snacks...” I’m saying this to the babysitter last year while the impeding storm heads into Oklahoma. I really didn’t have a fear of the weather, but I wanted the kids and the babysitter to be safe while we go on date night.“Where’s the helmets?” she

asked.“Umm…” I think. I’ve never thought I needed helmets for the kids. So I dig around the garage and find ONE bicycle helmet. We have two kids. “I guess one kid will be safe.” as I hand her the helmet.Nothing more that rain hit the house THAT night, but I did change my mind about being weather prepared.This year we have a Storm Shelters Direct tornado shelter installed in the garage with TWO helmets inside. We are weather prepared and now both kids will be safe.

For More information go to Storm Shelters Direct

Q. How Important is Plumbing to My Kitchen or Bath Remodel?

justin brotton - Monday, March 20, 2017

by Margo Waldrop

A. Plumbing is a crucial aspect of a kitchen or bath remodel. Keeping your pipes up to date with your new appliances helps maintain the quality of your remodel. Also, updating your old pipes may be wise if there is corrosion or consistent leaks beneath your sinks or behind your refrigerator.

And while plumbing does up your price tag, it is the foundation for a proper remodel. Especially if new appliances are being installed.

Fortunately, a lot of the time, you can use your existing plumbing pipes and locations. Bathrooms are easy to design around existing plumbing work, such as toilets, sinks and tubs. If you are doing an actual structural remodel, then reworking the pipes may be needed. Oftentimes during a bathroom remodel, reconfiguring the way the tub and sinks are situated is an important component of the design. If your family of five doesn’t work well within a 4 X 6 bathroom, then expanding that space is very important. This makes adjusting your pipe outlets well worth the time and expense.

Kitchen remodels are more forgiving. Oftentimes a new kitchen design can easily be constructed around existing plumbing outlets. If you can save that time and money by keeping your sink and refrigerator in the same spot, then do it. It will only take a little imagination on your designer’s part to maintain the functionality of your new kitchen. This allows you to put your money toward needed upgrades such as a new sink, plumbing fixtures and dishwasher.

Optimizing your remodel budget doesn’t take a genius, but it does take thoughtful planning and prioritizing. If you can adjust your design to accommodate the current location of your pipes, then by all means, save that money and put it where it is needed. If you can’t, no worries. In the end, you will be grateful that your new kitchen or bath fits the needs of your family.

Thinking of remodeling your kitchen or bath? Visit us at: http://www.okckitchenandbath.com/index.html or http://www.plumbingokc.co to learn more.

What is Roof Sealant and Does My Roof Need It?

justin brotton - Friday, March 10, 2017

by Margo Waldrop

Roofs are the ‘caps’ on our homes, and need a great deal of protection. The more protection, the better! Roofing materials are constructed to withstand nature’s elements and are a safeguard to the structure of our home. Shingles are the outer-most barrier and therefore, need the greatest strength and durability.

Roof sealant is an added layer of protection that is applied to roofs to seal them against rain, snow, wind and ice. Typically used for flat commercial roofs, they can be used for sloped roofs, as well. They are used in conjunction with hi-grade materials and can extend the life of the shingles, and other elements of the roof.

The sealant works by preventing leaks and protecting against cracks, weathering, or other issues that affect roofs. They also encourage energy efficiency for the home by preventing the hot sun from causing heat buildup beneath the underlayment.

Sealing your roof should be performed by a qualified roofing professional, who can also check your roof for any damaged areas that will need to be repaired, beforehand. Before you add sealant, or any other product to your home, do your homework and know the materials used on your roof. Choose a highly qualified roofing company who offers free estimates, and will help educate you on the best way to keep your roof safe and sound.

Roofing maintenance is one of the most important things you can do for your home. A well-tended roof will not only protect your home from harmful weather, but also keep the structure intact and help cut down on your energy bills.

for more information please go to http://www.okroofing.net

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